Lord of the Dance Pose

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Natarajasana.  A really nice advanced pose, Lord of the Dance with strap, transitioned into from a strong foundation in Tadasana.

Lord of the Dance


Namaste Explained

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Namaste explained.  The wonderful little word that means everything.  Namaste

Wake Up Your Face

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A really simple little tip, splash your morning face with fresh clean water and give your skin the chance to rejuvenate before facing (no pun intended) into a day of stress, pollution, abrasive weather etc.  It’s the simple things.

Wake up your face

Yamas Intro

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One of the most fundamental—and practical—parts of yoga philosophy is the group of practices called the yamas. Described in depth in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the yamas are five guiding ethical principles which can improve your relationship with others and yourself.


Shoulders, Shoulders, Shoulders

Rotate them out, in, back, down, shoulders shoulders shoulders …..

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I battle with mine, they scrunch, they hunch, they hurt, I even sometimes forget I have any !!!

I’m often reminded to adjust and connect with them.  When I started a steady regular practice, boy oh boy did I have niggling shoulders before, during and after practice, but as time has gone by and with constant reminders from all my lovely teachers, they’re stronger and I’m remembering my adjustments much more, resulting in less ouch and more umph.

Get to know them, you will fall in love with they’re incredible ability!

For the love of the shoulder