Video : Lizard Pose

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Learn the foundations of Utthan Pristhasana or Lizard Yoga Pose. In this video we break down the strong hip opener offering variations for all levels.

Utthan Pristhasana – Lizard Pose


Aparigraha – Non-Covetousness

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Aparigraha means to take what is necessary and no more. In the yoga school of Hinduism, this has been translated as “abstaining from accepting gifts,” not expecting, asking or accepting inappropirate gifts from any person,” and “not applying for gifts which are not to be accepted.” This concept also includes non-covetousness and non-possessiveness.

Yama 5 – Aparigraha – Non-Covetousness 

Yoga Is Not Stretching

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The ubiquitous trope that “yoga is stretching” is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of both yoga and human anatomy. Now that scientific research is largely debunking ingrained notions of what it means to “stretch,” the language that yoga teachers and media are using to describe what yoga practice does needs to be questioned.

Yoga Is Not Stretching