The Sounds of Daily Life

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Many of us—especially yogis—are hyperaware of the way in which certain situations, people, even food affect us. Let’s consider sounds.

10-Minute Meditation On the Sounds of Daily Life


Children Can Teach Us

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Children are unencumbered by the baggage we adults carry around with us.  The inherent wisdom of children can teach us so much about mindfulness.

10 Things Children Can Teach Us About Mindfulness

Surya Namaskar Is All You Need

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It turns out, you don’t have to commit to a full hour of practice to reap yoga’s many benefits. Just 20 minutes of flowing through Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) have tremendous effects on wellness and can even get you out of a mental slump…

Surya Namaskar Is All You Need, Study Shows

Find the Right Yoga for You

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Hundreds of variations and hybrids of yoga have found their way into studios and gyms around the world. As 
a beginning or even seasoned practitioner, how do you know if the option you’ve chosen is best for you?

Find the Right Yoga for You

Self-Care for Mothers

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Mothers sacrifice sleep, diet, love life to care for their kids. Take a moment to pause and recalibrate yourself for better balance.  The gift of being a mother is infinite;

Meditation on Self-Care for Mothers

The Happiness-Boosting Pose

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An overall feeling of discontent can sometimes stem from depression, lack of confidence, fear, or attachment to wanting life to be different than it is; and heart-opening yoga poses, such as Wheel Pose, are the perfect Rx. They release tight, hunched shoulders and expand our chest so that we can present ourselves from a place of an open heart, ready to fully receive what the universe has to offer us in the present.

The Happiness-Boosting Pose You Need in Your Practice