Baby Salutation

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This sequence is based on Sandra Carson’s Baby Salute class. It strengthens the legs, makes space in the side body, shoulders and hips, and helps keep your spine flexible.

Baby Salute Pregnancy Yoga Sun Salutation




Yoga to Improve Posture

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Do you spend your days at a computer, sitting at a desk, or behind the steering wheel? It’s probably safe to say that most of us probably do. In our forward oriented world, the tendency to slouch puts a lot of pressure on the spine & the internal organs, which can contribute to backache, poor circulation, headaches, fatigue and can even inhibit breath function.

Yoga to Improve Posture

Sagging In a Pose?

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Standing poses should always be ascending, which means the action starts at the foundation of the pose and moves upward (seated poses like hip openers and forward bends do have some descending action). “Sagging” happens when you stay in a pose too long and you don’t have the ability to keep reaching up—a sign that you’re beyond your threshold and could possibly injure yourself.

How Do I Know If I’m Sagging In a Pose?

Secrets to Better Arm Balances

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Struggling with arm balances? From Crane (Crow) Pose to an all-out Handstand, the form in the hands and forearms remains the same. Mastering this form will help you build the proper foundation to support your weight throughout your inversion practice.

Secrets to Better Arm Balances

Power of Precise Alignment

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The Fundamentals of Flow, your essential guide to vinyasa yoga, reveals how one student with Scoliosis corrected her hypermobility and deepened her practice by strengthening her understanding of alignment.

The Power of Precise Alignment