Counteract Slouching

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In our forward oriented world, the tendency to slouch puts a lot of pressure on the spine & the internal organs, which can contribute to backache, poor circulation, headaches, fatigue and can even inhibit breath function.

Counteract Slouching


What IS Prenatal Yoga

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Do activity that your body enjoys, and pay attention to when you’ve gone too far. Take any class you like and don’t be afraid to modify and do your own thing.  Read the full article….

What IS Prenatal Yoga?

Your Inner Guru

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Too many teachers spend time posturing at the front of class in almost unobtainable levels of yoga poses, freaking some people out, and turning them off to what is an incredible discipline and practice, with amazing benefits. Have you experienced this lately?

Your Inner Guru

Struggling With Savasana

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If you struggle with Savasana or skip it altogether, you are definitely not alone! We look at the paradoxical nature of Savasana and why it’s so essential to our yoga practice.

Struggling With Savasana

Yoga Helps Pain Tolerance

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Yogis have more grey matter in multiple brain regions than those who don’t practice yoga, including areas associated with pain tolerance. The longer your yoga sessions, the greater the benefit.

Yoga Helps Pain Tolerance