2016 Your Year of Yoga

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Each year, many people fall short of their goals. But it’s not necessarily their fault. Too often, they get pulled into gimmicky exercise trends that do not deliver the results they promise. Yoga, by contrast, is here to stay – because it works.

6 Reasons Why 2016 Should Be Your Year of Yoga


The Power of Letting Go

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Swami Satchidananda, once said. “’Life is a lot like holding a hot pot in your bare hands…. It hurts! Yoga is realizing that you can let go of the pot.’

The Power of Letting Go

Practice Yoga in the Mornings

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New Year’s resolutions and intentions are often based around becoming happier and healthier, more fulfilled and free of (negative) habits. When we let go of one habit though, there’s often a gaping hole left in its place…… 

21 reasons to practice yoga in the morning

Start the Year With a New Intention

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What does it mean to set an intention?  The verb, to intend, “is to set a course of action or destine for a particular purpose or end”   Read on ……

Start the Year With a New Intention