Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

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By beginning to see the abundance in our lives we WILL begin to feel happier!

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude


Prana Mudra

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Mudra Magic: Prana Mudra, The Energizing Hand Movement.  This mudra of “energy” or “life” is said to stimulate the root chakra, which creates vibration and heat. It energizes or awakens the body (Well Being Mantras).

Prana Mudra

Mudra Magic – Gyan Mudra

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This mudra increases the vaayu or air element within the body, which empowers the mind, causing a positive effect on emotions and leading to enlightenment.

Mudra Magic – Gyan Mudra

Understanding Prana

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We live within the idea that the body and mind are who we are. This is not unusual. But from a yogic perspective it is not the whole truth.

Understanding Prana: Where Is Your Energy?

Alignment for Beginners

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New to yoga? Don’t panic if you’re in information overload and overwhelm. There are a lot of yoga poses, many unfamiliar Sanskrit words, and not a ton of classes designed specifically for beginners where you’ll get individual attention.

3 Yoga Alignment Cues That Every Beginner Should Embrace