I was introduced to Yoga over 15 years ago, while residing in the stunning Sinai Peninsula, on the shores of the Red Sea, living amongst the Bedouin Community, I could not have wished for more magical and mystical surroundings to form the foundation of my first steps into the world of Yoga and all that it would bring me.

Like many people, I stepped towards and away from Yoga, on and off for many years to follow but always carrying a little bit of it in my heart and under my skin. I turned back to Yoga for help with physical health ailments in recent years and discovered with a strong regular practice, that it really started to show consistent improvements, with so many added benefits I’d never considered coming into my life.

It was at this point I really started to understand the power of Yoga.  I sought to deepen my practice and expand my knowledge by embracing teacher training.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to practice with many wonderful Yogis and privileged to have trained with Mandalei Kuhn and Sylvia Ferguson. I am a fully qualified Yoga Teacher, with my foundation in Hatha style Yoga.

I am a committed lifetime student!

Yoga Teacher and her rambling thoughts…


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Since starting yoga with Yoga-Li at the start of the year, I have found it has been of great benefit to me. I was having a regular difficulty with my lower back which has now completely resolved! The stretching and strengthening from the yoga poses has really worked. I always feel much more energised after the classes. Being part of a small progressing group of students really suits me, as it makes it a very personalised experience.

Jo 2015

I’ve been really enjoying my Wednesday evening Yoga with Lisa.  Great relaxed atmosphere and a good pace.  I’m running a lot at the moment in preparation for the Dublin Marathon and the stretching work is just what I need.  Also, I’ve been trying to get my running form better and it’s helping in that area too.

Owen 2015


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