Yoga for Smooth Digestion

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Even yogis need a little help in the digestion department from time to time. Fortunately, Kathryn Budig says calling on the right pose at the right time can help.

Yoga for Smooth Digestion


Fascia: The Flexibility Factor

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From your big toe mound to your Crown Chakra, there’s a lot to think about on the mat. So we can’t blame you if you’ve never given your fascia a second (or first) thought. Senior Yoga Medicine teacher Allison Candelaria explains why you will want to start now though.

Fascia: The Flexibility Factor You’re Probably Missing on the Mat

Yoga for Sciatica

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Sciatica is a condition in which the Sciatic nerve is compressed by tension in the piriformis muscle. This causes tingling, pain, and/or numbness along the Sciatic nerve beginning in the lower back.

Yoga for Sciatica

Find Your Foundation

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In Mountain Pose (Tadasana), the blueprint for all asanas, we draw strength from the foundation, or earth, up to the core and lift from there. From the core to the floor, we root down. This creates total body integration, or the union of all parts.

Find Your Foundation

Honour Your Knees

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The knee seems to have been designed more for the running away from lions, tiger and bears and less for the rotation and compression we continuously ask of it. It being such a lower center of gravity joint you would think it would have more cushion as well as wider and stronger ligaments.

Honour Your Knees