Silence is Beneficial for your Brain

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Did you know that silence is beneficial for your brain and bodily health?

Why Silence is Beneficial for Your Brain



Dristi – Your Gaze or Focus

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Drishti is a term said multiple times during a yoga class, but how does it actually affect our practice, both physically and mentally? Why is it so important on the mat? And how can we use drishti outside of a yoga class? It’s actually pretty straightforward.

Dristi – Your Gaze or Focus

Less stress

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When it comes to reducing the stress in our lives, finding a ‘work-life balance’ is often suggested as the magic solution. But is it? David looks at how yoga can help us to reframe this challenge.

Less stress – moving beyond work life balance

Fascia: The Flexibility Factor

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From your big toe mound to your Crown Chakra, there’s a lot to think about on the mat. So we can’t blame you if you’ve never given your fascia a second (or first) thought. Senior Yoga Medicine teacher Allison Candelaria explains why you will want to start now though.

Fascia: The Flexibility Factor You’re Probably Missing on the Mat