Does Ahimsa Mean I can’t eat Meat

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Many who have studied Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, widely considered the authoritative text of yoga, equate the concept of ahimsa, or nonharming, with vegetarianism.   But according to the Yoga Sutra, you don’t have to become a vegetarian.

Yamas 1 – Does Ahimsa mean I can’t eat Meat ?

Quiet Anxious Thoughts

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Most of us have probably experienced feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed out, worried and fearful. Whether you experience these emotions situationally, or are dealing with the symptoms of clinical anxiety, yoga can be a quiet retreat from the constant barrage of negative thoughts, somatic symptoms and overwhelming emotions that accompany any level of stress.

Embrace These 3 Limbs Of Yoga To Quiet Anxious Thoughts

Decoding the Yoga Lingo

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What is all that stuff your Yoga teacher says or the articles you see on line.  If you’re relatively new to Yoga, it can be very confusing as it is a totally different lingo to the day to day chatter we normally hear, here’s a few of those words and terms decoded, to get your started.

Decoding the Yoga Lingo

Niyamas Intro

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The niyamas, or restraints, are another set of practices outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. If the yamas have a lot to do with our behavior toward others, practicing the niyamas, we cultivate good habits toward ourselves that help us live better lives.

Niyamas Intro