Silence is Beneficial for your Brain

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Did you know that silence is beneficial for your brain and bodily health?

Why Silence is Beneficial for Your Brain



Dristi – Your Gaze or Focus

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Drishti is a term said multiple times during a yoga class, but how does it actually affect our practice, both physically and mentally? Why is it so important on the mat? And how can we use drishti outside of a yoga class? It’s actually pretty straightforward.

Dristi – Your Gaze or Focus

Alternative Nostril Breathing

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Much like other breath techniques, Nadi Shodhana fills the body with fresh oxygen, but has a cooling effect, unlike Breath of Fire or Lions Breath, which heats the body and increases energy levels. The most noticeable benefit of Nadi Shodhana Pranayama is its effects on the mind.

Alternative Nostril Breathing