Crowded Yoga Class

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 7.02.24 PMThe only thing worse than a seriously crowded yoga class, is when your teacher chimes up ‘its like mysore’ to try to humor your anxiety and make out you’ve no right to feel irritated by the overcrowding and greed to fill to the brim!

Crowded Yoga Class – Cue The Groupers

Hilarious Yoga Teachers Bios

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Due to a heavy travel schedule, Garrett is no longer teaching his regular classes, but he will be in the studio the last Thursday of every month for his signature Candlelight Six-Pack and Booty Bash™.

Hilarious Yoga Teachers Bios

I Am NOT an Acrobat

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Yoga is many things to many people, but I think we all agree that the main objective is to quiet the mind. Some find solace by balancing on their hands, others sitting on a cushion.

Some wise and sensible words here, all teachers should take a moment to think about this.

I am a Yoga Teacher NOT an Acrobat

Inspire Your Teaching Language

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If you are a yoga teacher, you are likely dedicated to continuously learning new information about asana and anatomy in order to keep things fresh for your students.

Inspire your Teaching Language with the Yamas and Niyamas

Stretching Techniques

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To get the most out of a yoga practice on the physical level, we learn to go deeper into our poses with ease instead of force. This also prevents us from sustaining injury.  Great tips in this article.

Stretching Techniques to Deepen your Yoga Practice

Patanjali Never Said Practice Is Optional

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“If you’re going to teach yoga, you must practice it consistently. That does not mean once a week. To me, that means daily.”

To be truly authentic, you most certainly should practice what you preach!  A daily practice is the target.

Patanjali never said Practice is Optional