Patanjali Never Said Practice Is Optional

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“If you’re going to teach yoga, you must practice it consistently. That does not mean once a week. To me, that means daily.”

To be truly authentic, you most certainly should practice what you preach!  A daily practice is the target.

Patanjali never said Practice is Optional


Niyamas Intro

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The niyamas, or restraints, are another set of practices outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. If the yamas have a lot to do with our behavior toward others, practicing the niyamas, we cultivate good habits toward ourselves that help us live better lives.

Niyamas Intro

Patanjalis 4 Keys to Happiness

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In the Yoga Sutra’s Chapter 1.33, Pantanjali gives us a four-part process to help us clear our hearts of negative energies as a means for quieting our minds.

Patanjalis 4 Keys to Happiness